This place is awesome! 10/10 would recommend.
I had a Managers Meeting today and they were hungry. It was my job to order lunch and I decided to go for pizza again. We normally go to the same place, but Brooklyn is big and full of many pizzerias. So I made the decision to try a new location. I looked on Yelp and saw "Brooklyn's Homeslice Pizzeria" looked promising. It had great reviews and a lot of positive feedback. I gave them a call and had a short window to get the Pizza on time. I know, I know, I procrastinated as usual. The owner put me on hold to see if his chef could make the pies on time. He said it could be done and they would be on time. Six pies in forty five minutes, we will see. Sure enough the man was outside calling to say that he had the pies. I was impressed. He came in I paid and the pizza were taken to the cafeteria. Once the managers came down to eat, the pies didn't last long. They were gone in minutes. The managers said that this pizza was definitely better then the last. I was in agreement, the pizza was delicious, specially the Butchers Blend. It was a combination of a lot of meat. It was definitely worth it. I definitely plan to use them again, they provided great food with fast reasonable service.
Truly excellent. $2.75 for a plain slice. The dough is apparently made without sugar and given time to rise. It makes for a very unique toasty texture. I usually pay more attention to cheese and sauce on my slices and the cheese and sauce were excellent here but the crust was what made it stand out. The service was very friendly and they have a little bench outside where you can sit and enjoy the weather. Definitely a can't miss!
A new rendition of the NY slice joint. Grandma slice was irresistible: herby crust, copious red sauce, dollops of pesto, and enough cheese to hold it all together. Delicious. Staff very welcoming. Great spot overall.
If you're ever in the neighborhood, give this place some love! They definitely put out a great product that stands out from all the other places in the pizza capital of the world. Had the buffalo chicken slice at 10 PM on a Monday. Oh my god, I was actually gonna go back after finishing my slice at home because it is THAT good. The crust is super thin, crispy and buttery-tasting, while having a nice bite and chew to it. The chicken was seasoned just the right amount with buffalo sauce (not too vinegary) and really tender. Owner seemed really nice and dedicated to his craft. Support this type of place because they deserve it - truly a neighborhood gem.
Finally a pizzeria in Crown Heights that I wouldn't mind coming to get a slice. I was never a big pizza fan but a bunch of my co-workers was raving about this place and I had to try it out myself. I tried the regular slice when I first went and the crust was the right consistency it wasn't falling over and it was the right amount of sauce and cheese. I went back a second time and I got the buffalo slice and a regular. The regular was still my favorite slice, I went back the next day and got two more slices. Its nice to see an old fashion pizzeria where they only sell pizza and the occasional calzones and chicken rolls. The prices are really fair for the neighborhood, 2.75 a slice you can't go wrong!
Best damn slice for a damn good price! Best and most authentic tasting NYC pizza I've had so far!
This place is hands down the best New York style pizza I've ever had. The crust is light, but surprises you with a crisp crunch as you bite down. The sauce isn't so robust that it overwhelms you. In fact, it ties all elements of the pizza together into a perfect harmony of delicious flavor. Staff seemed nice and the place was clean with a small section for patrons to sit and eat. It's been about a week since I've had Homeslice, but I can't wait to visit Brooklyn again and have another slice.
I work/ live in the neighborhood hard to find any Pizza shop that you can't sit down and eat in , clean , great customer service Also BOMB PIZZA . Everyone try this place out :)
This is the best pizza in the neighborhood. Great crust, delicious sauce, perfect cheese ratio, everything a pizza snob wants in a nonsense slice. I've eaten special order pies and display cases slices, all have been excellent. If you're looking for some delicious Brooklyn pizza, Homeslice is the place to go
Grandma slice is delicious